What is a Supporter?

Our Supporters are the lifeblood of our club, carrying energy to the community and culture that brings heart and soul to San Diego FC. Supporters have a unique responsibility to contribute to the atmosphere in the stadium while playing drums, waving flags, and singing during matchday which propels our club to victory.

All supporter groups will adhere to the MLS Fan Code of Conduct

Where is the Supporter Section at Snapdragon Stadium?

The Supporter Section is on the North End of Snapdragon Stadium and spans sections 136 through 140. This area incorporates the safe standing model which allows for the safety of all Supporters in the section. See your view of the pitch by using this 3D Virtual Map of Snapdragon Stadium.

Safe standing also means it is standing room only.

When do Supporter Section tickets go on sale?

Supporter Section tickets will be available to Supporter Group Members in the Fall of 2024. If you placed your deposit for Supporter Section tickets, please keep an eye on your inbox for more information!

What makes a Supporter different from other fans?

Supporters are a major part of our club and create a matchday atmosphere unlike any other in sports. These Supporters stand, chant, play drums, and wave flags for 90+ minutes. In return, our club will honor our supporters by providing special perks throughout the season.

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Get To Know Our Supporter Groups


18th Battalion

If you love Star Wars and love fútbol then we’re the group for you. Our mission is to create a vibrant community where fans of all ages and backgrounds come together to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer and the epic adventures of Star Wars. Come on down unite the forces and join the 18th battalion!


Barra 18

Barra 18 represents the spirit and dedication of our San Diego Football Club, SDFC. It embodies our commitment and unity, bridging San Diego and Tijuana. Together, we create a passionate community of fans who celebrate and support as one. We are Lovers of fútbol.


Chavos Frontera Ultras

Somos la Banda de la Gente – SDFC’s first Supporters Group: Established in 2020, Chavos Frontera Ultras are an independent Supporters Group driven by our love of San Diego and our tenets of Historia, Familia, Hogar. Our passion is expressed in our non-stop chanting and unwavering energy in support of our San Diego Football Club. We help uplift the communities of San Diego by engaging in social and community activities partnering with those of kindred spirit.


Daygo Boys

Daygo Boys’ origins trace back to 2019, where we were the official supporter group for San Diego 1904. However, we have gathered once again to create a new project for the next chapter of futbol in San Diego. We mostly chant in Spanish, but everyone is welcome to join us.



As Riptides, we transcend traditional fandom to forge unity and connections across San Diego’s diverse communities through our shared passion for soccer. Our commitment goes beyond the game; we actively engage in creating positive change and strengthening bonds within each neighborhood. Join us to experience the joy and camaraderie of being part of a movement that celebrates both the beautiful game and the power of community.


The Locals

The Locals are a passionate group of San Diego soccer supporters, working since 2019 to uplift and support the beautiful game and our communities here in our beautiful city; we look forward to continuing to build on this surrounding San Diego Football Club. We are loud, inclusive, and an independent and organized Supporters Group who will speak for our principles and sing for our club. Come ‘Bum’ it with us and celebrate San Diego footy.



Uniformed Supporters Group (USG) One Eight are Service Members, First Responders, and their families stationed throughout San Diego, the United States, and around the world. Through our devotion to duty and passion for the beautiful game, we come together to show our love for San Diego Football Club. Join us as we provide outreach and support for our local military and first responder communities, and band together on gameday wearing Chrome & Azul!