San Diego’s Community Character:

San Diego FC’s mission is to unlock the region’s potential by cultivating partnerships, designing programs, building projects, and advocating for policies that further advance community initiatives. We build community by instigating collisions with like-minded and similarly oriented organizations to improve outcomes for the region. We believe that when individuals are actively engaged, communities are stronger.

Theory of Change:

By increasing access to safe places to play the game, we improve the physical and mental health of community members. Increased physical and mental health raises aspirations and opportunities for participants and collectively we can empower people to be leaders and forces for positive change in their communities.

We affect this change by weaving together programming in the three focus areas of education, health, and infrastructure to unleash the power of the San Diego community. By sharing our spaces, improving existing spaces and creating new spaces, we create opportunities for the community to maximize its potential and achieve desired outcomes.


  • We facilitate movement
  • We enhance treatment
  • We advocate for outcomes


  • We identify opportunities for enrichment
  • We connect talent to opportunities
  • We develop the workforce of tomorrow


  • We share our spaces
  • We enhance existing spaces
  • We create new spaces
Community Initiatives
Community Initiatives

Parks & Pitches

  • Countywide infrastructure initiative designed to create equitable access to safe spaces for the community to play and curriculum/programming to be delivered.

Coaching Education

  • Help design curriculum and programs for grassroot level coaches, players, and coaches all with the Right to Dream fingerprint.
  • Club Visits to help club Technical Leaders with all these orientated towards club impact.
  • Deliver sessions for clubs, coaches and parents to provide insight and perspective on way SDFC looks for.
  • Offer free, bilingual, high-level Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for all coaches in San Diego.

Volunteer Program

  • Activation vehicle for our club’s work in the community.
  • Staff, Supporters and STMs are encouraged to support community-based orgs active in the areas of health, education, and infrastructure.
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