San Diego FC Announces Expansion of Eighteen Threads, Grand Opening Saturday, June 22


San Diego FC (SDFC) is revolutionizing sports retail by introducing an immersive retail experience that captivates and engages fans like never before. SDFC is transforming the Club’s official retail shop, Eighteen Threads, into an innovative and custom-designed experiential space with its grand opening set for Saturday, June 22 at 3:00 p.m. PT. The store, which is expanding its footprint from its original 1,900 square feet to 5,500 square feet, is situated at the Mission Valley Mall in close proximity to Snapdragon Stadium, the official home of SDFC.

Eighteen Threads will include a first-of-its-kind soccer simulator featuring high quality screens and cutting-edge software allowing fans to immerse themselves in real game situations. Additionally, the store will offer a gamers’ lounge where fans will have the opportunity to play video games online against their friends. The store will also feature a fan-focused customization station in partnership with Avery Denison for fans to be able to express their fandom through personalization by adding unique SDFC marks and art to their merchandise.


“We're thrilled to unveil San Diego FC’s new Eighteen Threads store, designed to offer our fans an unparalleled retail experience,” said Bruno Meli, SVP of Operations and Retail for San Diego FC. “Eighteen Threads was designed as an experiential store that will engage our community, celebrating our shared passion for football and providing fans with a space that feels like home. With immersive experiences and interactive features like the soccer simulator and gamers’ lounge, we’re setting a new standard for fan engagement and retail innovation.”


The name Eighteen Threads represents the weaving together of the 18 cities of San Diego County and the rich diversity of the city’s varied neighborhoods and communities. The store will showcase the complete assortment of official SDFC merchandise, bringing the passion and pride of the team to fans in a brick-and-mortar setting and serve as a prematch meeting point for SDFC fans ahead of the Club’s matches at Snapdragon Stadium. In addition to the items available online, the store will feature exclusive items that can only be found in-store, giving fans a unique shopping experience in San Diego’s iconic Mission Valley Mall.